The first puppy toy brand that focusses on the development of your pup

During the growth, it’s crucial to teach puppies the fundaments of behaving and let them experience different aspects of play. They should be challenged with divers incentives to keep them interested, curious and develop their intelligence. Our toys are designed to meet all these features.


EBI Petit, the perfect gift for your new family member


PETIT family

The perfect gift for your new family member!

Proudly we present to you. The PETIT range.
5 different toys, each having their own unique look and funtions. All available in 3 different pastel colours which are clearly visible for dogs!
Their names are: 
Balu • Chico • Coco • Lola • Milo

Pick one, or more, and prepare for a tsunami of happiness when giving it to man’s best friend!


Tumble toy with rattle

Balu is a chubby bear which cannot be knocked over.

This weighted wobbly toy has a rattle inside which is bound to awaken your dog’s curiosity and provide hours of entertainment.  


Challenging treat toy

Chico is the perfect toy to assist in behavior training. It’s a challenging snack toy that can be used with both wet and dry food.

This toy can also be a great help with toilet training, to prevent boredom or to keep your dog’s weight under control. The Chico guarantees many hours of intense playtime fun for puppies and small dogs.


Water chew toy

Coco is an outdoor water toy for small or young dogs which are bursting with energy. The highly flexible rubber shell encourages chewing and the soft sponge provides even more fun.

By placing the Coco in the water, the sponges will fill up and release the water by chewing the toy! The toy can also be filled and placed in the fridge so that your dog has an ice-cold toy for those hot summer days or to relieve teething pain.


Teething toy

Lola is a chew toy for small dogs and teething puppies. Just like babies’, puppies’ gums become irritated when they begin to grow teeth or adult teeth.

Teething puppies often want to chew on something to help relieve the pain. Chewing can also help to calm frightened or nervous dogs.


Nylon rope toy

Milo is a chewing toy for puppies & small dogs. The flexible tentacles are made from hard-wearing nylon rope.

Chewing helps to calm dogs down as well as keeping their teeth clean. The ends of the tentacles have a rubber finish which provides an interesting surface for your dog to chew on. The Milo has a flexible, round rubber head so your dog can grip it easily during play.

Key features

Each PETIT toy has it’s own special specification and usability but there are some features which are standard for all the PETIT toys. No need to worry about which toy is the safest or which can be cleaned easily. They all are! Here you’ll find a list of specs were every toy is equipped with!

specs petit

Durable TPE rubber / Crack & perforation resistant

Evey toy is made out of the same high quality and durable TPE rubber and can endure the brute force of a puppy’s jaw.


Visible colour

No need to worry if the dog can see the toy well.These 3 colours are known to be one of the few colours which a dog can perceive. 


Good grip

Due to the good TPE rubber the pups will have maximum grip when playing with the toy. These toys are 100% safe & BPA free.



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